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Walkways of New Zealand

Welcome to the walkways section. Here you will find information about the gazetted walkways of New Zealand.

A gazetted walkway is a walkway that is legally protected by a registered easement or lease and notified in the New Zealand Gazette, giving landholders and the walkway the legal protections and status offered by the Walking Access Act 2008.

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Coromandel and Bay of Plenty


Gisborne and East Cape


Hawke's Bay

Manawatu and Whanganui

Wellington and Wairarapa

Nelson and Marlborough

West Coast




Further information

What is a gazetted walkway?

New Zealand is blessed with a smorgasbord of walking tracks providing opportunities for access to the great outdoors. These walking tracks fall into many categories, and traverse both public and private land.

While many of these tracks may be termed walkways in various publications, “gazetted walkways” are those walking tracks that have been established under the Walking Access Act 2008 and its predecessor statutes and declared as walkways in the Government’s official newspaper, the New Zealand Gazette.

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission has oversight responsibility for gazetted walkways.

The Commission’s role includes establishing these walkways and approving and monitoring controlling authorities. Controlling authorities are public organisations – generally local councils or the Department of Conservation – that have responsibility for the day-to-day management, maintenance and enforcement of walkways.

Closure of walkways

A controlling authority may temporarily close a walkway for a variety of reasons, including safety reasons or to meet an adjoining landholder’s pre-agreed requirement for temporary closure during lambing season, for example.

Temporary walkway closures must be notified in the local newspaper and via signage on the walkway. If you are unsure whether a walkway is open or closed, check the controlling authority’s website or contact it directly.