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The Share tool allows you to share a map location link to a number of different social media platforms. You can also directly email the link to others.

 Share sidepanel

Share tooltip Share options

There are a number of different methods for sharing a map link. When opened, each link that you Share will zoom to the location on the map that you are viewing when you decide to Share. 

Share FacebookShare twitterShare gplusFacebook, Twitter, Google + 

If you are a Facebook, Twitter or Google + user you can share a map link directly to either platform. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so.

Share EmailShare LinkEmail or direct link

If you have a default email system (e.g. Outlook) on your desktop or mobile device, selecting the email icon will prompt a new email to open that contains the link.

Selecting the Link option will open a new tab in your browser. This link can be copied and sent on to someone else. Alternatively, you can directly copy the the link displayed below the Share options.