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With the Sketch to GPS tool you can use point and line drawing tools to create routes and waypoints to save as a .GPX file. You can load this file into to your GPS device for later use in the outdoors.

What about a walking track that you have recorded on your GPS? You can also open  .GPX files with the Sketch to GPS tool and view them on the map.

Additionally, the Sketch to GPS tool allows you to open and save KML/KMZ files. This is useful if you use Google Earth or have KML files from another source that you would like to see on the map.

SketchGPS frontpage

edit hover Draw modes

There are 4 different draw modes that you can select to add graphics to the map. Specify the name of the drawing in the text box provided and select the desired drawing mode by clicking on a creation tool. These are as follows:


Click on any location in the map to add a point. 


Click and drag on the map to create the straight line. Let go to finish the drawing. For a polyline, click on the map to start drawing, click on another location to continue drawing, double click on the final location to finish the drawing. For a freehand line, click and drag anywhere on the map and let go to finish the drawing. 

Drawlist hover Drawing list

Once drawn, the graphics will appear as a list. Within this list you can edit, 'zoom-to', reorder the drawings, or delete them. 

SketchGPS edit

Editing a drawing 

Select the 'edit' edit icon beside the item in the drawing list that you would like to edit. Vertices will appear on the drawing that you can click and drag to reshape graphic. 

After selecting the 'edit' icon you can also change the name of the drawing by typing a new name into the text box. 

Tick the 'All' tick box to select all the drawings. You can 'zoom-to', copy in the list, or delete any drawings that you have selected through the buttons located below the drawings list.

SketchGPS editall

save Saving and opening a file

The Sketch to GPS tool is compatible with three file types. These are GPX, KML/KMZ, and json. You can save sketches in any one of these file types. Additionally, you can also upload any of files of these types to WAMS.

Tip: Do you have a KML/KMZ file that you would like to view on your GPS? upload to WAMS with the Sketch to GPS tool. You can resave it to your hard drive as a .GPX file.
Pro-tip: A KML file is a zipped KMZ file. If required, you are able to extract the KML file by renaming the .kmz file extension to a .zip file extension. Right click on the file and choose to extract the zipped files to a location on your hard drive.

Saving a file

First, select from the drop down list the file type that you would like to use to save your drawings.

SketchGPS fsavetype

Next, click the 'Save' button. You will receive a prompt from your browser to save the file onto your hard drive. You will be able to name the file and specify its location for download. 

Attention users of Internet Explorer:

When you first attempt to save a file you will be prompted to verify that WAMS is a trusted site. If you select 'yes' the page will reload; this means you will lose any drawings that you have made. We recommend that you ensure WAMS is listed as a trusted site before creating and attempting to save any complex sketches.

Opening a file

This is as easy as selecting the 'Open' option and finding the location of the file in your hard drive. The drawings will load into the drawing list. Note that any existing drawings that you have sketched will remain in the drawing list.