Locate coordinates

Use the Locate tool to 'Capture' or Locate' coordinates on the map. Choose between New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM) or Latitude and Longitude coordinates.

To begin, select the 'More' side-panel option:

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Locate gif



To capture/draw coordinate points on the map first select a projection system, the default system is NZTM(2000). First, select the 'Capture' button, next click (or tap for tablet) on any location on the map, the appropriate coordinates will be drawn. Select to 'Stop Capture' once you have finishing adding your coordinates. 


If you have a set of coordinates that you would like to locate on the map you can type them into the X and Y (or latitude and longitude) boxes provided. Ensure you have chosen the correct coordinate system and select the 'Locate' button. The map will zoom-to the correct location on the map and add the coordinate to the view. 


To copy the coordinates from the X and Y boxes (or longitude and latitude boxes) click and drag your cursor across the text to highlight the coordinate, next right click and select 'Copy'. For touch screen tap and hold the text in a coordinate box, ensure the text is completely highlighted and select to 'copy' on your device. The coordinate will be ready to paste into another document. For Desktop users, selecting the 'Copy to Clipboard' button will copy the the last captured coordinate to your clipboard ready to past into another document.


Select 'Clear' to remove any captured coordinates from the map.