Archival Resources

Walking Access - organisational structure, legislation and funding (cabinet paper)

Published December 2007

The Government confirmed the decisions that it made in principle on 15 August 2007 for the establishment and functions of a new Crown entity for walking access.

Outdoor walking access: report to the Minister of Rural Affairs

Published March 2007

This report contains the Walking Access Consultation Panel's recommendations for how New Zealanders' access to rivers, lakes, the coastline and other public land can be improved and managed over the coming years.

Outdoor walking access: analysis of written submissions

Published March 2007

The Walking Access Consultation Panel received almost 1400 submissions in response to its consultation document. This summary provides an overview of submitters' opinions, not a critique of submissions.

Outdoor walking access: consultation document

Published April 2006

In this consultation document we propose an aim and principles for walking access to and along rivers, lakes and the coast in New Zealand. We summarise the issues, suggest solutions and ask questions about the issues and solutions.

Outdoor walking access: summary of issues

Published April 2006

In this document we summarise the aim, principles, issues and suggested solutions for walking access to and around lakes, rivers and the coast.

Analysis of written submissions on the report: walking access in the New Zealand outdoors

Published June 2004

This document is an analysis of the written submissions made on Walking access in the New Zealand outdoors, the report of the Land Access Ministerial Reference Group.

Walking access in the New Zealand outdoors

Published August 2003

This report outlines the discussions and conclusions of the Ministerial Reference Group, established in January 2003 to consider whether the arrangements for public access to water margins, access to public land and private rural land are sufficient, while providing for private land use, both now and in the future.