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Korokoro Dam Belmont Regional Park

What’s hot in the Greater Wellington Region: coffee!

09/07/2018 11:52am

By Chris Ward, Regional Field Advisor Wellingtonian’s need our coffee - so we’ve just told the Greater Wellington council we want mobile cafes during the weekends at some of Wellington’s sig...

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Matakana Trail Leaders Workshop

Auckland trail leaders debate the future

09/07/2018 11:49am

By Dot Dalziel, Regional Field Advisor A sunny autumn morning brought a promising start to the second Auckland Trail Leaders workshop. Matakana Coast Trails Trust and the Walking Access Comm...

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Two new staff join Commission

09/07/2018 11:46am

Two new staff have joined the Commission in Wellington. Danica Torres is the Commission’s GIS Analyst and Stephen Day is the Communications Advisor. Danica Torres previously she worked as a ...

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Top outdoor spot competition

09/07/2018 11:42am

Entries have closed for this year’s Top Outdoor Spot Competition. Students from around New Zealand submitted photos, drawings and descriptions of their favourite outdoor places to be in with...

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Creating opportunities for kiwi walkers from foreign land sales

06/07/2018 11:51am

One of the Commission’s interesting jobs is to look at applications by overseas investors to buy sensitive land. Our role is to consider if there are any access opportunities for New Zealand...

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Outdoors Forum Graphic

Outdoors Forum considers Kauri Dieback

06/07/2018 11:38am

The 2018 Outdoors Forum is only a few weeks away and registrations are open now. It is the networking and motivational event for leaders in the outdoor recreation and education space. And th...

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Always look back

06/07/2018 11:10am

Our kaumātua, Korotau Tamiana Maihana-Tait talks about why he always looks backwards when travelling through the bush (PODCAST 2mins).

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2016 CEO Eric Pyle 4

What's missing on our maps?

04/04/2018 2:36pm

By Eric Pyle, Chief Executive So how complete is the Walking Access Mapping System (WAMS)? When I had only been in this role a few months, a user outlined to me the amount of missing access ...

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Sneak peek at our new website

04/04/2018 2:24pm

Later this year, we'll be launching a brand new website. The new site will bring our four sites (, Both Sides of the Fence, WAMS and Follow the Kiwi Way) under one roof ...

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Jo McCabe and Joy Yang use

Meet our new staff: Jo, Dot and Joy

04/04/2018 2:16pm

The Commission has welcomed two new staff in Wellington and a new Regional Field Advisor in Auckland recently. Jo McCabe is our new Policy and Partnerships Advisor, Joy Yang our new Corporat...

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SIHC cover image

Consultation draft: South Island High Country Access Report

27/03/2018 12:48pm

The New Zealand Walking Access Commission has produced a draft report for consultation on public access to the outdoors in and around the South Island High Country. We’re now seeking views f...

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Rod Brown and NZWAC Board members

Community-driven inspiration

08/03/2018 11:21am

By John Gardiner What I like best about my role as the Regional Field Advisor for Northland is observing the real pleasure, pride and camaraderie that community groups enjoy at the completio...

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Amelia 1

School children to nominate their Top Outdoor Spot

31/01/2018 12:07pm

School children across New Zealand are photographing, drawing and describing their favourite places as part of a national competition celebrating enjoyment of the great outdoors. The Top Out...

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To Beach sign West Coast

Two years as an RFA

26/01/2018 9:58am

By Inger Perkins, West Coast Regional Field Advisor I began work as a Regional Field Advisor for the Walking Access Commission in January 2016. Before I had even started in the role, I was a...

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2013 image for EAF release3

The latest recipients of funding from the Enhanced Access Fund

21/12/2017 9:53am

Another round of EAF grants have been made, and seven groups have been granted a total of $60,681 to use for projects that will create and enhance public access to the outdoors. The recipien...

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Get help planning your trip this summer

21/12/2017 9:32am

Our friends at the Mountain Safety Council have produced a great new tool that you can use to easily help plan your outdoor adventures this summer.  The Plan My Trip tool asks you to answer ...

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2016 CEO Eric Pyle 3

Kauri dieback: the biggest access issue in 100 years

21/12/2017 9:20am

By Eric Pyle, Chief Executive I vividly remember my first proper encounter with kauri in Trounson Kauri Park. I had seen the odd tree here and there in parks around New Zealand, but I was no...

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Auckland Trail Leaders Workshop

21/12/2017 9:11am

By Kay Willcocks, Auckland Regional Field Advisor As the Regional Field Advisor for Auckland, a large part of my role is working with the various trail building groups throughout the region,...

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Crystal Clear story full view

Our Top Outdoor Spot winners!

20/10/2017 10:43am

Every year the Commission runs the Top Outdoor Spot competition, where school children can submit photos, drawings and stories/poems about their favourite outdoor places. All of the prizes f...

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Walking for Mental Awareness Week

New kid on the block

19/10/2017 5:31pm

By Amie Pont, Regional Field Advisor (Otago) Thank you for what has been a very warm and well supported introduction to the role of Otago Regional Field Advisor. From the initial trip up to ...

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